The Importance of Early Years Education – with Sylvia Arotin

Sylvia Arotin is the founder of Guide & Grow, an educational platform designed to enhance the development of children from 0-7 years. She is also a keynote speaker, Montessori School Director and Montessori guide with extensive experience in the field of child development and Montessori education. During this engaging workshop with Montessori educationalist,

Sylvia Arotin and I will discuss the importance of the early years as a foundation for the future success of your children, whilst exploring the role of adults, communication, and the development of soft skills for the 21st century. If you are a parent or a teacher in the early years then this webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn about the value of early years intervention. 

We will also be taking questions from audience members regarding childhood development in the early years.

This is one not to be missed!!!