170 School Actions That Allow You to Integrate the SDGs in Your Classroom

Title: 170 School Actions That Allow You to Integrate the SDGs in Your Classroom
Age Group:
(6-9), (9-12), (12-15), (15+)
Subject / Topic:
English (writing, reading, speaking and listening and comprehension), Global Citizenship, Science, History, Geography
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: Be the Change!

Description: This unique and one-of-a-kind resource gives students ideas on how to ‘Be the Change.’ It provides students with 170 ways in which they can contribute to meeting all 17 SDGs. The ideas are within the boundaries of your curriculum and enable teachers to integrate real-world learning into their classrooms with minimum effort. Students are required to read the actions on one or more of the SDGs and discuss each of them before deciding on which SDG they are going to tackle.

This comprehensive resource will involve the students gathering information about these activities and actions, to develop a better understanding of what it means to make change within the SDGs. This resource is designed to be edited and added to if desired.

Real-World Application –
Once the children have decided on which SDG they wish to tackle, they will gather with like-minded individuals within your community and drive change by following the actions on their specific card. If this resource is used as a whole school, it can drive your community to think differently about the way that they live and therefore make the world a better and more sustainable place for everyone. Real-world learning never looked so real!

Resource Preview: