Please create an Upschool account here to get your FREE premium Canva account

Our Collaboration

Canva could just about be the most beautiful company in the world!
(well, at Upschool, we think it is!)

Not just because it’s the most simple to use graphic design platform ever that allows users of all ages to design almost anything, but because the company is built on strong values of doing good in the world. Just like Upschool. 

The Canva software is a crucial part of Upschool’s courses and we strongly recommend you sign up for an account. 

As you’re part of the Upschool family, and with the generosity of the wonderful team at Canva, you are entitled to access Canva’s premium software package, ‘Canva for Education’ for FREE! We have some serious #CANVALOVE for their part in supporting our journey and yours. 

This FREE upgrade for our users has been made possible through this collaboration between Canva and Upschool who, together, want to enable you to share your voice with the world in a really professional way.

All Upschool teachers and students can activate their free upgraded ‘Canva for Education’ account by registering for Upschool and returning to this page to access the activation button which magically appears after you go in. However, if you are under 13 years-of-age, you must obtain permission from a teacher, parent or guardian before registering to use Canva. 

Once you click the activation button and follow the prompts, your account will be upgraded to Canva for Education, and you will have access to all its premium features.

Please ensure you take full advantage of your upgraded Canva account but only use it for educational purposes and whilst you are an active user on the Upschool platform. Upschool will be closely monitoring your participation in its courses to ensure this generous offer from Canva is not abused. Should you disengage with the learning at Upschool, misuse Canva’s software or licensing, or engage in any action determined by Upschool or Canva to be inappropriate, your account may be downgraded to Canva basic, or suspended entirely. 

Having free access to the premium Canva for Education is a privilege and there are rules governing its use. Please ensure you are always using it appropriately.

Canva is one of those special companies on earth that do good. Create your Canva account today and start designing your posters, your flyers, your books and all of your presentations so you can start changing the world with beautiful visual communication!