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Upschool loves capturing stories of children doing good in the world.

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The Living School in Lismore, Australia, was hit by unprecedented floods in Feb 2022 as a result of, according to many, our changing climate. Using the resources from Upschool’s “Be the Change” course, and the dedication of their incredible teacher, the children rallied to share an important message with the world. The impact of their actions travelled far and wide.

Transforming Education: The RISSE School’s Journey in India with is a powerful testament to the transformative power of education. The video features interviews with students, teachers, and members of the community who share their experiences and highlight the positive impact Upschool, and our “Be the Change” has had on their lives and the wider community. 

By a bustling expressway in the middle of India stands a school that swelters in the hot sun. The students, who are presently undertaking Upschool’s online course, Be the Change”,  were inspired to take possession of an unused, barren plot of land and are in the process of transforming it into a flourishing forest to provide shade, improved air and soil quality, and to house local wildlife.

Upschool loves capturing stories of children doing good in the world.

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