4 Ways to Utilise Upschool Courses and Resources

With over 180 countries now using the platform, a lot of people from around the world are asking how the Upschool platform can be used in their schools.

If you work in a school, are a teacher, a homeschool parent or a student, then we have got you all covered, with free courses, resources, lesson plans and even teacher training all with individual certificates for every participant.

Number 1: Student-led Project Work and Enquiry:

Upschool courses are crafted to ignite curiosity, drawing students into a purposeful learning experience. Teachers can harness the power of course introductory videos to spark inspiration into collaborative activities, either in pairs or groups. Use the provided lesson plans and teaching resources as a scaffold to nurture independent exploration and creativity in the classroom.

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Number 2: Fully Comprehensive Teacher-Led Instructions:

Teachers have the opportunity to guide lessons from the setup of any traditional classroom environment, utilising videos to introduce in each new topic. With the comprehensive learning sequence, curriculum aligned lesson plans and resources at their disposal, educators can easily navigate through a structured learning pathway. Every resource, every instruction is curated for ease, ensuring that educators can deliver an efficient, yet impactful learning experience with minimal preparation.

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Number 3: Redefining Homework

Ditch the traditional homework sheets and textbooks. Instead, let students dive into the Upschool programs from the comfort of their homes. The concise instructions and engaging videos make independent learning a breeze. Moreover, the complimentary Canva Pro account ensures that students can digitally craft, compile, and store their work, culminating in a personalized digital portfolio.

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Number 4: The Ideal Home-School Companion

For families opting for homeschooling, Upschool offers an invaluable resource. Not only are these courses complimentary, but they also come packed with detailed lesson plans, complete with objectives and assessments. The beauty of Upschool lies in its versatility – the courses span various subjects and cater to diverse learning abilities. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that home-schooling parents have always wished for.

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