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A growing number of schools across India are using Upschool's FREE courses and resources to offer purposeful education for a better tomorrow.

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Our mission is to provide FREE, purposeful education for the children of India, and the world, forever. We would appreciate the opportunity to share how we are empowering schools in India to have a positive impact on the world.


Upschool is a blessing for the schools striving to implement pedagogy in line with the new Education Policy 2020. It helped us implement Project Based Learning in the classroom through the ‘Be The Change Project.’ It has some fantastic resources for teachers and students that have helped us in differentiation and developing student agency. The integrated projects aspires students to take action in real life and provide meaningful learning experiences. We are able to integrate their projects seamlessly into our curriculum by assigning them as a part of the portfolio. The platform is highly engaging and students look forward to participating in different activities through the platform.

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Please make a time to speak to us about Upschool’s FREE courses for Indian schools.

How Can Upschool Enhance the Education System in India?

Read the steps below to learn how Upschool can support teachers, parents and students to reach their full potential.

Improved Academic Outcomes

A unique educational philosophy that drives critical academic outcomes whilst supporting change-making actions. 

A key component of education is to ensure the realisation of student academic excellence alongside the development of other critical skills. Upschool’s courses and resources seek to develop students academically, whilst providing them with opportunities to utilise this knowledge to have a real-world impact in their communities. The combination of academic and non-academic outcomes, underpinned by participation in a digital learning environment that uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver effective learning, helps to support students’ digital literacy skills, making them ready to engage in the jobs of today and to participate in the workforce of the future.

Differentiated Curriculum Provided

100% FREE learning resources, lesson plans and content that addresses NEP2020 requirements.

Upschool provides teachers, parents and students with pre-recorded courses, resources and planning documents required to deliver world-class education that addresses the guidelines laid out in India’s National Education Policy 2020, at no charge. By making our library of content free and accessible to all, improved educational standards and outcomes are just a click away via Upschool’s website for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Highly Engaging Content Delivered from the World's Most Remote Locations

Quality cross-curricular education filmed from every corner of the world, FREE for everyone.

Much has been made of the decline in educational standards across the globe, as students, teachers and parents disengage from learning and academic standards slip. Upschool addresses this by creating courses that are highly engaging and tailored to the unique preferences and interests of students, whilst invigorating teachers and engaging parents in the learning process, resulting in an improvement in both academic and non-academic outcomes.

Embedded Teacher Training to Increase Teacher Efficacy

Courses that incorporate teacher training in content delivery that increases teacher efficacy and engagement.

Every Upschool course has accompanying materials and video resources for teachers to watch and orientate themselves on both the content being explored and the method of delivery. As such, teachers that participate in Upschool’s courses develop essential teaching skills to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom, resulting in highly engaged teachers delivering content to their students whilst demonstrating the engagement necessary for optimum classroom performance and efficacy.

Global Citizenship/Outreach Opportunities

Learning content that provides opportunities for students to create positive impacts everywhere.

All of Upschool’s courses provide learning opportunities and actionable outcomes that support global citizenship and outreach that benefits all living creatures and the health of the environment across the world. Students develop an awareness of, and take an interest in, global matters, and design solutions to address these, whilst supporting local initiatives to positively impact the community in which they live. 

Leadership Opportunities for all Students

Supporting the leaders of the future through a real-world education that makes a difference.

As India moves towards achieving its goal of becoming a developed nation in 25 years, it’s important that the youth of today “aim big” and “give their best years for the cause of the country” (Narendra Modi, 2022). Through exploring the leadership opportunities available in Upschool’s courses and content, students use their education to create real-world solutions on a micro and macro level, resulting in more engaged citizens who are creating local impacts in the 28 states and 8 union territories of India, positively shaping the country and achieving meaningful success.

Community Engagement Opportunities for all Stakeholders

Bridging the gap between schools and homes to create engaged families and communities.

By adopting Upschool’s courses across the Indian education system, this consistency lays the foundation of open dialogue around shared objectives, collaboration and joint progression of standards. Here, schools and communities lead and work together to learn, create meaningful change, and adopt positive behaviours that best serve the interests of each community and the country at large. This results in highly engaged communities that interact with the home, school and each other to best support the education journey of children whilst deepening relationships and sharing the benefits that Upschool’s free education provides.

SDG Aligned Content (NEP 2020)

Making the UN’s sustainable development goals a reality.

All of Upschool’s courses, content and resources are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), meaning that both the learning and the outcomes achieved by interacting with Upschool’s lessons and work tasks result in addressing one or multiple SDGs. “Sustainable development of one-sixth of humanity will be of great consequence to the world and our beautiful planet. It will be a world of fewer challenges and greater hope; and, more confident of its success” (Narendra Modi, 2015). As such, undertaking Upschool’s courses results in addressing India’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by India and the other 192 Member States at the UN General Assembly Summit in 2015, creating fairer and more equal societies, and a safer and more prosperous planet.

The Upschool Model

At Upschool, we believe that in order to deliver a fully integrated educational pedagogy, the whole community must play a part in the journey that we call purposeful education. Our model below explains how we include every stakeholder within the community, to further enhance the educational potential of every child.

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Please make a time to speak to us about Upschool’s FREE courses for Indian schools.


“The best thing about Upschool is that it’s very easy for any child to access the learning on the platform, because if a site has a tedious process to log in, to find what to learn, and so forth, you slowly lose the child’s interest. So, the child’s interest remains intact throughout the user experience of the website, because of the way Upschool has made sure that whoever accesses the learning is glued to it.”

Indian School Success Stories: Delhi Public School (DPS)

By a bustling expressway in the middle of India stands a school that swelters in the hot sun. The students, who are presently undertaking Upschool’s online course, “Be the Change”, were inspired to take possession of an unused, barren plot of land and are in the process of transforming it into a flourishing forest to provide shade, improved air and soil quality, and to house local wildlife. We visited their school with our film crew to learn more about it.

Thank you for considering Upschool for students across India.

We would be honoured to share our programs with you.

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Book a Time to Discuss

Please make a time to speak to us about Upschool’s FREE courses for Indian schools.