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So many highlights. Not enough time!

Below: some more reasons why Upschool is your choice for purposeful education for a better tomorrow.

Lessons and Resources Aplenty (above): Our free 10-week courses are ready to go “out of the box”. Everything a teacher needs to run a successful lesson has been planned for and produced for the entire 10 weeks. The above video is an example of the type of content we create. We also provide other helpful resources for parents and teachers.

10-Week Courses, Short Courses and More: We have some incredible courses on our platform, with more to come! All of our student material is totally free and self-paced, complete with pre-recorded videos, taskcards, weekly live lessons, parent engagement videos and more. Every lesson we teach empowers students to take action for a better tomorrow.

Charity Partners (above): We have secured partnerships with 12 charities, including the Jane Goodall Institute of Australia (JGIA), whom we are hosting a ‘Global Book Illustration Challenge’ for, and collaborating with, to publish an incredible book on changemakers, with a foreword written by Dr Jane Goodall!

Teacher Training Courses (above): We are well underway to releasing our first major teacher training course titled “Purposeful Education for the 21st Century”. We have thousands of teachers across the globe ready to participate. Here is a sample video from the course.

A Unique Focus on Purposeful Learning (above): From writing business proposals to local businesses for sponsorship deals, painting awareness-raising murals on school buildings or planting nature reserves on council land, our students are ‘being the change” they wish to see in the world whilst participating in our courses. We take learning and imbue it with purpose to achieve tangible (and intangible) student outcomes for a better tomorrow!

The Upschool Library (above): We launched the Upschool Library in August, 2022. Children are writing books about a range of topics, including the environment, bullying, and mental health, and these are published on our platform. Books can be read for free, or can be purchased and shipped from our warehouse to customers across the globe. Apart from giving a child an opportunity to share their voice with the world, every book raises funds for a charity of the author’s choice.

Student Success Stories (above): Divyam is a dedicated student from Kolkata, India. He is passionate about the environment so he wrote a book whilst doing our “Write a Book to Change the World” course titled “Heaven Restored”. The book talks about environmental issues. Here is a chat we had with him about his book. 

An Engaged and Growing Learning Community (above): Students, teachers and parents are raving about Upschool. Teachers: “Upschool empowers students to have a huge impact on a local and global scale” / “Thank you Richard, Gavin, Jake and Team Upschool for showing us the global standard for education”. Students: “This feels like adult work” / “It feels like there is a real reason to do this work because it’s making a difference”. Parents: “My boys are loving it!” / “She’s been telling her friends about it!” / “I’m telling everyone about Upschool!”

Upschool - 'Find Your Magic'

Our mission is to build a system of education where all children can participate in meaningful and impactful educational opportunities that have real purpose and learn things that are inspirational and magical to them along the way.

Upschool exists to help all children across the globe ‘find their magic’.