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Origin Story: Born at Revolutionary School Astra Nova

The Network connects people worldwide who seek future relevant skills and believe in the promise of a better education and a brighter future.

A Welcome Message from Josh Dahn - Creator of Elon Musk's School on Space X

The Network is a vibrant, welcoming, authentic space with brilliant, quirky, wildly creative, and enterprising individuals from around the world!

It is the place to engage with similarly minded people who believe in the promise of a better education.

Through the Network platform we share our open-source lesson ideas with students, families and teachers around the world.

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Skills to thrive now and in the future →

Data Driven Decision Making

Dan Lakis developed and refined 3DM whilst he was a teaching Vice Principal for 6 years at Ad Astra School on Space X. Join him Live or On-Demand on this 8-week learning journey.

Conundrum Training

Astra Nova Conundrums develop critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and the ability to disagree constructively - building positive group dynamics and collaboration. Learn from Dr Kate (teacher, psychologist, and founder of The Network) and harness the power of Conundrums in your school, home or workplace today.

Amazing Kids, Amazing Projects

The Network attracts young and brilliant minds such as Alexander (below), who built a weather balloon and attempted to send Twinkies into space with a GoPro camera, capturing the arc of the earth (Yes, the image of the earth and Twinkies is real!). The Network seeks to give students a platform to showcase their passions, inventions, and skills to the world.

Watch "Twinkies in Space"

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On demand and live classes, community, resources and more →

On Demand Courses

Future focused learning experiences designed to unleash student potential


Participate in on-demand future focused learning from world leading experts. Learn about Quantum Physics from the world's leading science author or entrepreneurship from NASDAQ founders.
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Live Classes & Workshops

Interactive live classes on future focused topics delivered by top level experts

Live Classes & Workshops

From 10 week learning journeys to 2-hour seminars. Our live class and workshop schedule has been curated to equip students of all ages, parents and teachers with up information you need to thrive in an uncertain future.
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conundrums center

Engage in in critical thinking and ethical decision-making


The Astra Nova Conundrums have been viewed by millions globally. We are the exclusive home to access teacher training & class resources for effective implementation in the classroom.
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community Discussion Groups

Connect with learners across borders for connection and discussion


A vibrant, welcoming, authentic space with brilliant, quirky, wildly creative, and enterprising individuals from around the world. Discuss the ethics of AI or access our open-source lesson ideas.
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Community Timeline

Catch the latest updates from our community in a social media style news feed

Community Timeline

Our vibrant community is discussing everything 'future-focused'. The community timeline is the perfect way to scan the updates for the day and see what is trending in our community.
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Future Focused Articles

Open source lesson ideas and future relevant concepts ready to implement into your school or homeschool

Future Focused Articles

The place where we share open-source lesson ideas and write about future relevant topics. Discover ideas for integrating these into your classroom or homeschool.
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Why Join The Network?

A network of vibrant learners are discussing pressing topics →

Curated Knowledge

The Network is curated by a team of experts including quantum physicist and world’s leading science author for children – Dr Chris Ferrie, to ensure we are delivering future relevant knowledge and skills to develop the brightest minds on earth. 

Join a Discussion Group

Discussion groups on all your favorite topics. Add to the conversation and learn from inspiring people globally.

Make New Connections

Our social network community space allows you to build a profile, follow like-minded people and never miss an update.

How to Use The Network

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The Network is an online learning platform designed for a global community for educators, parents and students to connect, share knowledge and learn together.  We have a rare and exceptional community drawn together by the promise of a better education. Feel free to make the most of it by getting involved in a discussion, taking a course or participating in one of our projects or challenges. 

The network if for brilliant, quirky, wildly creative, and enterprising individuals from around the world! We target our courses and classes to young people and adults. Much of our community is parents, teachers and also young people. As a future focused community, we are confident to say that there is something to learn for everyone – regardless of your age. 

A premium membership to The Network is $5 per month. Premium members can join a discussion group and connect with similarly minded people across the globe. There are host of other benefits – listed here. Anyone can take a course. You can find out how much the course costs on the course page. 

Yes, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price if you change your mind on the course within 7 days – no questions asked. 

Depending on your place of residence, you may be charged taxes beyond the course price. If applicable, these taxes will be outlined on the invoice sent to your email. The tax rates are determined by your location or the billing details you supplied during the purchase process.

We have a combination of Live and On-Demand classes.

The Network teachers are world-class professionals who want to share their passion and the skills with a community of learners. If you have a unique skill or course that you would like to run on our platform, send us an email at: drkate@tothenetwork.com