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Please register for Upschool here.

Then, please visit our courses page here.

Select the course you wish to enrol in, navigate to the right hand side of the page and click ‘Enrol Now’.

To check which courses you are enrolled in, please visit your course dashboard.

Canva is an incredible graphic design tool which is very useful to use when creating work through Upschool.

By signing up for Canva via Upschool, you are eligible for a FREE Canva for Education account.

To learn more and to register, click here.

All of Upschool’s standard courses and associated resources are 100% free. You will never be asked to pay to access this content at anytime in the future.

Upschool may release additional premium courses from time-to-time such as teacher training, parent training or something with a “services-based” component to it and some of these may have a fee associated with them – but our standard courses for children will always remain free.

Upschool will never charge you for anything that you haven’t willingly agreed to pay for – and if there is a cost associated, there will be full transparency before you start the course so you can make an informed decision based on your situation.

We provide resources for teachers, parents and students in all Upschool courses.

Recorded video lessons, live lessons, lesson plans, task cards, and a range of other resources are supplied. Please register with Upschool and enrol in a course – everything you need can be accessed from here.

You are also eligible for a FREE premium Canva for Education account here.

Upschool is for everyone – schools, home-schoolers, community groups, individuals – anyone, anywhere! Age is no barrier – adults and children are welcome to participate.

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can undertake our courses. If you or the communities you support do not have a stable internet connection, ask us how we can provide access to Upschool’s learning materials in other ways.

Upschool courses are all pre-recorded and can be undertaken at any time, and at any pace. You may wish to complete a 10 week course over 20 weeks – that’s fine. Or, you might want to do it over 5 weeks. Take as long or as short an amount of time as you like. 

Please also note that new featured courses (courses that have just been launched by Upschool) have lessons uploaded onto the Upschool website weekly so, if you want to get ahead quickly, it might be best to start those courses later, or choose a course that’s already been fully published.

You may also wish to do a course that was released at an earlier time – that’s also absolutely fine! However, please note that Live Lessons often reference a particular week’s content, so it’s advisable to try and work through the course at the time it is published to obtain the maximum benefit.

Certificates are provided at the end of each of these three courses only:

1. Be the Change – Once you send your slide-deck / presentation through to the Upschool Team in Learning Sequence 10, you will be issued with a certificate to indicate that you have completed this course.

2. Write a Book – Once your book is uploaded and approved in the Upschool library, you will be issued with a certificate to indicate that you have completed this course.

3. It Starts With You – During Learning Sequence 10, we request that you send through a ‘cloze’ passage on Climate Change. Once we receive and review this document, you will be issued with your certificate to indicate that you have completed this course.

In all submissions, please make sure you follow all guidelines carefully.

Currently we are self-funded and pay all of our expenses to run the company through the existing assets of one of our company directors.

Having said that, we are actively working to find sponsors to support our mission, so we can transition away from this model. Bringing in revenue will help us reach more children and create greater impact on the world. 

In addition to sponsorship revenue (which we are hoping to secure soon), we make a small percentage on the sale of some physical products – such as books in our online library. Our charity fundraising portal (coming soon) will also have a provision for individuals to make a small donation to us so we can continue to grow and expand on our mission.

There will never be an obligation to purchase anything from us or to donate to us in order to participate in our courses – but if you would like to support us and have the financial means to do so, buying something from our store or making a donation (big or small) is a great way to help us and is sincerely appreciated.

If you are a school – and have enjoyed our FREE courses throughout the year – you may want to consider making an annual donation on behalf of your school as a way of supporting us. Again, there is no obligation to do this – but if you can – we would be very thankful.

If you are a corporate organisation and want to support us through a sponsorship or a donation, please email

Yes, you can join the Upschool WhatsApp group here to receive updates.

You should also keep an eye on your email account (including Junk Folder) for Upschool’s weekly emails, typically released on Wednesdays.

Be sure to whitelist our emails to ensure you never miss an update. In Gmail, add “” as a contact and in other mail platforms, add us as a “safe sender”.

All of Upschool’s courses are pre-recorded, meaning you can watch the videos and access the resources whenever you like. Meanwhile, we do hold Live Lessons weekly. Although done in an online setting to a live virtual audience, all Live Lessons are recorded and made available to everyone after the recording – including those who did not attend.

To access these recordings, please click here.

No. You will never have to pay for any of Upschool’s standard courses. 

Upschool may release premium courses, resources or services from time to time. You may elect to purchase these, but they will be offered separately to the free content available on Upschool.

If there is a cost associated in any way, there will be full transparency before you start the course so you can make an informed decision based on your situation. 

Rest assured, the absolute best of what we have to offer will always be FREE and accessible regardless of where you live on planet earth!

Upschool hold Live Lessons weekly, and Webinars from time-to-time.

Live Lessons are conducted online and involve a teacher delivering a lesson to anyone attending the virtual lesson.

To attend a Live Lesson, you must first register for Upschool, and then register to attend the lesson. Please visit this link and follow the instructions.

Webinars are conducted online and involve a presenter (most often Guest Speakers) to any attending the virtual webinar. Webinars are mostly for adults, including teachers and parents.

To register for a Webinar, please visit this link and follow the instructions.


Yes! Please contact us at and ask us how we can best assist you.

If we want to change the world, we have to collaborate with organisations that have the knowledge, ability and drive to take the necessary actions. We have collaborated with charities to raise awareness of the issues they are trying to resolve, and to provide a pathway for people to support these organisations. Upschool supports these charities but receives no benefit (financial or otherwise) for doing so.

We are limiting the amount of charities we are collaborating with but are always looking for new charities to partner with. We want to ensure our charity partnerships represent sufficient diversity and international reach. Please contact us at and tell us about your charity, including links and other relevant information, and we will contact you to discuss!

You can make a donation directly to Upschool when purchasing any item on the Upschool website. When you place an item into your cart, you can elect to make a donation to Upschool. You can also make a donation to Upschool via Direct Deposit:

Currency: Australian Dollars (AUD)
Account Name: The Magical Learning Company Pty Ltd
Bank: Bank Australia
BSB: 313-140
Account Number: 12398849

Write us an email at and tell us your thoughts! We welcome your comments and feedback.

Please click here to upload your book written as part of Write a Book to Change the World.

When you purchase a paperback copy of a book from the Upschool Library, you will receive a physical book with the following specifications:

Size: A4
Cover: 300 GSM
Pages: 160 GSM

When you purchase a digital copy of a book from the Upschool Library, it will be supplied to you in a PDF format.

When an order is placed, we review the book file to ensure it meets our printing criteria. Should the text be in the wrong position (for example, too close to a margin) or there is some other issue present, we will either:

1. Contact the author requesting them to make changes to their book file and have them re-upload it, so we can arrange printing, or;

2. We will edit the book on behalf of the author so that it complies with our printing requirements.

Should edits to a book be necessary, this will result in a delay to production and shipping. We ask for your patience should this occur.

If the book does not require editing, we will endeavour to arrange printing and shipping at the soonest opportunity.

We will provide you with a tracking number once the order is shipped from Upschool’s warehouse.

Contact us at to receive further support if necessary.

Not currently, but course completion certificates are being developed and will be released when ready. We’ll let you know when that happens via email.

We would love you to tell everyone about Upschool! Please share our webpage, posts or any of our public videos (such as those on YouTube) on your social media accounts, email your family and friends, and tell your school or community about the courses we run. We welcome everyone to register with Upschool!

You can support Upschool by telling everyone about it! You can also help by sponsoring or donating to Upschool, or by purchasing products on the Upschool website. The more support we receive, the greater impact we can have in the world. Thank you for considering supporting us!

If your students have enjoyed our FREE courses throughout the year and your school is in a sound financial position, you may wish to consider making an annual donation to Upschool on behalf of your school as a way of saying thank you to us and supporting our mission.

How much should we donate?

That is entirely up to you. You may consider making a donation per student that participated or a set donation for the year. Whether it’s big or small, we appreciate it.

If you can’t donate, participating and empowering your students to change the world through our courses is the biggest and most valuable gift you can give us anyway – and that is most definitely FREE!

The other thing you can do to thank us (which is also FREE) is to share what we do on social media and with your colleagues and friends who don’t know about us yet.

If you would like to say thank you with an annual donation, please email and we will raise an invoice for you.