100% Free Program

Write a Book to Change the World.

A beautiful program for empowering children to make a meaningful and tangible impact on a global scale.

* This unit is open to anyone who wants to write and publish their own children’s book – regardless of where you are located on planet earth!


"Write a Book to Change the World" is live!

This course is heavily aligned with SDG4

What's in the Program?

Throughout this ten week course, we will take you on the journey to becoming a published author. You will then use your book to change the world for the better.

This course is differentiated and open to adults, children, teachers and parents. If you have a positive message to share with the world, and want to write, publish and even sell your own book in order to make a positive difference in the world, this course is for you!

How will the course work?

The course will last around 10 weeks and involve global citizenship, creative writing techniques, digital and creative design, and entrepreneurship.

Step 1: First, students will decide on a way that they want to make a difference in the world and will choose a personal project.

Step 2: Once they’ve decided on their project, the process of writing an engaging and meaningful story will begin.

Step 3: After the story is complete, the students will learn graphic design skills and digitally illustrate their own picture book.

Step 4: The book will be uploaded to the Upschool library, where people all over the world will be able to read it online FOR FREE, or buy a physical copy.

Step 5: When the book is purchased, part of the profits go directly to their project.

Extended Explanation of Course

This video takes you through the entire journey you will go on to be a published author with purpose!

Everything we do at Upschool:

Real-World Learning

We take 'real-world' to the next level by designing projects with 'real' outcomes.

Entrepreneurship With Purpose

We want to teach the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to operate with purpose and ethics.

Team Players & Collaborators

Our projects bring children, teachers and communities together to work towards a common goal.

Creativity & Problem Solving

We inspire creative thinking and dynamic problem solving. These are the skills for tomorrow.

Skill Based Learning

From graphic design & film making through to creative writing and storytelling (and everything in between)

“It has been a privilege for our children to be a part of the initial Upschool program focussing on creating a Changemaking Community.  Our students have been engaged from the outset, and we have seen a measurable improvement in not only their literacy skills but also in their empathy towards others and their understanding of how to connect to communities both locally and abroad. The resources that are provided are outstanding and have kept our students motivated towards their goals. 

It has transformed the way that we approach teaching within the school, giving our students an authentic purpose and opportunity to make a real world difference.

As a school we are committed to the work that Upschool is doing and are looking forward to our next work with them.”
Daniel Frew (Principal, Lower Plenty Primary School, Melbourne)

Sample Video Lesson

We Come With Experience

Our lead educator on this course – Gavin McCormack has written and published a series of books for both children and adults. He is a best selling author and an Australian Author of the Year Nominee. Add this this, Gavin has been voted by Linkedin as one of the Top 10 Educators in the World, is a TEDx speaker, Australian of the Year Nominee and a teacher for 25 years. 

Some Common Questions

You probably have lots of questions!


It’s 100% free – yes. Nothing to pay to be involved.

We have 5 year old children right through to adults participating. It’s differentiated and open to everyone. 

Either. Whole school engagement is the best way to have maximum impact, but it certainly can be done by one class or by one year level. You can even use it as an extension program for a small number of students too if that works for you.

Absolutely. If you have an internet connection and want to write a book to share a positive message, it’s perfect for you!

Yes. Once the book is written, you will have the option to print the book and have it delivered to your door. We have a global network of print partners who will facilitate this for you. More information is available on printing the book within the course.

No, not at all. Individuals (adults and children) can go through the course.