The Importance of Mountains

A short course designed to help your children become fascinated by the world of rocks!

Goal 6: Clean Water & Sanitation

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Goal 15: Life on Land

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What is this Course About?

What is in this Course?

During this short course, we will explore the profound influence of mountains on weather patterns and how they contribute to the flourishing of civilizations. We will uncover the fascinating ways in which mountains shape weather and climate, ultimately impacting the lives of people living in their vicinity.

Throughout the course, we will discover that mountains have a significant role in altering weather patterns. They act as barriers to wind and moisture, causing air masses to rise and cool, which in turn leads to the formation of clouds and precipitation. Mountains can create localized weather phenomena, such as rain shadows and orographic rainfall, profoundly influencing the availability of water resources and the growth of vegetation in different regions.

Understanding the impact of mountains on weather is crucial for civilizations. Mountain ranges often provide valuable water sources, as they act as natural water catchment areas, accumulating rainfall and snowmelt. This reliable supply of water supports agriculture, sustains ecosystems, and enables human settlements to thrive in mountainous regions.

Moreover, mountains play a crucial role in regulating climate. They influence global atmospheric circulation patterns, such as the formation of monsoons and the movement of air masses. Changes in mountain climate can have far-reaching consequences, affecting agriculture, biodiversity, and overall regional stability.

By the end of this course, we aim for students to grasp the intricate relationship between mountains, weather patterns, and civilization. They will gain an appreciation for the vital role mountains play in providing water resources, shaping local climates, and supporting the well-being of communities around the world.

Course Overview

Teaching program

The teaching program is designed to walk teachers through the process of teaching the importance of mountains to your students. The document is aligned with the curriculum but can be downloaded and edited to suit the needs of your school or state. The course documents include real-world learning opportunities in which students use the knowledge they have just gained, to improve the lives and the knowledge of those around them.

Real World Learning

During this course, your children will get to create amazing resources which they will use to pass on their knowledge. They will also start to work collectively to organise a school excursion which will create memories that will last an entire lifetime. Working collectively they will not only consolidate their knowledge of the way mountains affect our lives and the processes involved, but they will then use this knowledge to teach others and create resources to assist with this activity.