The Great Southern Ocean

A short course that focuses on the wonders of the Great Southern Ocean, delving into its geography and exploring its massive size and impact on the world’s climate and weather patterns.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Goal 14: Life Below Water

Goal 15: Life on Land

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What is in this Course?

In this short course, we will focus on the wonders of the Great Southern Ocean. We will delve into its geography, exploring its massive size and its impact on the world’s climate and weather patterns.

We will marvel at its stunning landscapes, from towering waves to tranquil bays, and learn how they shape the ocean’s environment and ecosystem.

Once we understand how important this amazing ocean truly is, we will then ask students to research another of the world’s great bodies of water and produce a speech to their class on how important the ocean is and why we should protect the oceans of the world together!

Teaching program

The teaching program is designed to walk teachers through the process of teaching the importance of the Great Southern Ocean to students. The document is aligned with the curriculum but can be downloaded and edited to suit the needs of your school or state. The course documents include real-world learning opportunities in which students use the knowledge they have just gained, to improve the lives and the knowledge of those around them.

Real World Learning

Students will participate in a number of learning experiences that will help to connect their understanding of this important ocean to wider planetary health, however will use this as a basis for research into another ocean of the world. They will create a poster which can be used as a resource to educate others or raise awareness about the ocean, and will also create a tote bag design which will promote others to view the world differently and to create a better future for all.