The Good News


‘The Good News’ is a student led initiative that promotes the sharing of positive, inspiring and educational messages with communities.

There is good news in every classroom and playground in the world, every day.
Good news that has the potential to inspire our mums and dads, brothers and sisters, teachers, carers and wider communities.

When we put our mind to it, and find a way to share these stories, magic happens.

Communities build momentum around sharing love and kindness and the ideas spread. And in front of our eyes, we are building change-making communities that make a difference.

What’s in the course?

Students will learn practical skills to share good news in an online world.

Skills used by journalists such as writing a great article with a catchy headline, researching and finding inspiring stories, conducting interviews, taking spectacular photos, shooting videos, graphic designing and even finding sponsors who will pay to have their brand exposed alongside your content.

That’s right, you will make money off this and we are going to support you to do this.


– Self paced online course – there are 10 weeks of learning content lined up that will lay the critical foundations but this can be done over 20, 30 or 40 weeks!

– allow about 1 hour minimum per session for a group of students to get through a lesson

– allow some time outside of the lesson for “action taking” – this can be very very small if you are time poor

– you can nominate a leadership team / or an entire year level project (recommend Yr 5 upwards)

– We will be online every single week for Live Q and A at various times – so you and your students can get direct access to ask as many questions as you want and get one on one interaction with one of us. You check in and out of these as you please – when you need. 

Sample Lesson