Space and the Solar System

In this course, students will learn about the planets and their unique features, as well as their sizes and positions within our solar system.

Goal 4: Quality Education

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What's in this Course?

During this short course, we will meet the amazing Dr Karl and journey into space and the solar system together. We will explore our solar system and focus on specific aspects of our planet, as well as the inner and outer planets. We will create flashcards to donate to another school or class that is also learning about the solar system.

In addition to this, we will also learn how to teach younger children about the solar system using the materials we create. This will help us to solidify our own knowledge while also sharing it with others.

Teaching Program

The teaching program is designed to walk teachers through the process of teaching an introduction to space and the solar system. The document is aligned with the curriculum but can be downloaded and edited to suit the needs of your school or state. The course documents include real-world learning opportunities in which students use the knowledge they have just gained, to improve the lives and the knowledge of those around them.

Real World Learning

Although this course explores space and the solar system – aspects that are outer-worldly – this course encourages and develops a range of soft skills as students teach younger children about the solar system using the materials they create.