The Importance of Sea Ice

A short course that, with the help of an ice scientist, takes students all the way to the Arctic Circle to investigate the importance of sea ice.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Goal 14: Life Below Water

Goal 15: Life on Land

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What is in this Course?

During this short course, we are going to be focusing on the importance of sea ice. We welcome you to join us on top of the icebreaker, Greg Mortimer, as we cruise towards the North Pole through an ocean filled with ice. 

This course should allow the students to understand the importance of this amazing formation and also have a strong connection with it.

As this concept of preserving ice around the world is very abstract to many of our children, we have delivered this lesson directly from a boat within the Arctic Circle, so that the point of connection is one step closer to your students, thus creating an emotional bond between the importance of sea ice and your children.

Teaching program

The teaching program is designed to walk teachers through the process of teaching the importance of sea ice to your students. The document is aligned with the curriculum but can be downloaded and edited to suit the needs of your school or state. The course documents include real-world learning opportunities in which students use the knowledge they have just gained, to improve the lives and the knowledge of those around them.

Real World Learning

During this course, your students will understand how sea ice impacts the communities of people all over the world. We want to empower them to be able to make a difference in the world! As part of the real world learning and action component of the course, students will organise an event within your school which will allow them to make a difference in the preservation of this wonderful natural phenomenon.