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Cultures Around the World

This 10-week course is designed to allow children to research how cultures around the world live in harmony whilst navigating the complexities of being human beings on Earth!!

* This unit is open to anyone across the globe.

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About the Course

This 10-week course is designed to allow children to research how cultures around the world live in harmony whilst navigating the complexities of being human beings on Earth!!

What is this Course About?

We’re about to embark on an exhilarating educational adventure live from the heart of the Himalayas, where not only will we uncover the rich tapestry of Sherpa culture, but we’ll also inspire our students to become cultural anthropologists of their own communities.

Through this course, we’ll introduce our students to the remarkable world of the Nepalese Himalayas. They’ll get a firsthand look at the Sherpa way of life, which has been shaped by the majestic mountains they call home. It’s a rare opportunity for our kids to learn outside the conventional classroom setting and connect with a community that embodies resilience, adaptability, and harmony with nature.

But we’re not stopping there. Each student will choose a civilisation or culture that piques their curiosity. It could be the one they hail from or one that they’ve always been intrigued by. They’ll dive into an exploratory quest to uncover various facets of their chosen culture and share these with the world in the hope of bringing peace through the celebration of diversity.

Topics We’ll Cover

Religion and Spirituality: Understanding the beliefs, rituals, and values that shape lives.

Language and Communication: Understanding language and how it reflects the community.

Festivals and Celebrations: Joyous occasions that bring people together.

Food: Tasting the flavors of the culture through their traditional dishes.

Flags and Symbols: Unfolding stories behind the flags and emblems that represent a nation.

Economy and Trade: Understanding the local economy, markets, and trade practices.

Animals and Life: Learning about the relationships between humans and the animals in their lives

Water: As a fundamental of life, how do different cultures value and use water?

What Will We Create?

Each week, Gavin will bring you lessons from deep in the Himalayas alongside the Sherpa people. Each lesson will focus on a different aspect of their culture.

Your job is to choose a culture of your own and create a similar book called ‘Cultures Around the World’.

Once your book is finished, you can decide what to do with it, but it must make the world a better place thanks to your hard work and knowledge.

Weekly Lesson Plans

Each week, teachers will be able to download a meticulously crafted lesson plan, designed to be translated and adapted in accordance with local educational authority guidelines. These ten weekly lesson plans are made available for teachers and parents to ensure they can tailor the learning experience to fit the specific needs of their students and the curriculum standards of their school.

Real World Learning


Throughout this course, we will empower children by giving them agency and choice in the way they engage with the inspirational lessons. The course will incorporate cross-curricular themes, such as values, culture, history, and geography, to provide a holistic learning experience. Each week, children will be encouraged to express their understanding through creative art and mathematics.


Each week we will allow your children to design a teaching resource based on the new knowledge they have gained and the research they conduct. We will then expect your children to visit a class of younger children and teach them about the subject matter at hand. This will allow them to develop a sense of leadership within the school and build cohesion between the year groups.

Everything we do at Upschool:

Real-World Learning

We take 'real-world' to the next level by designing projects with 'real' outcomes.

Entrepreneurship With Purpose

We want to teach the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to operate with purpose and ethics.

Team Players & Collaborators

Our projects bring children, teachers and communities together to work towards a common goal.

Creativity & Problem Solving

We inspire creative thinking and dynamic problem solving. These are the skills for tomorrow.

Skill Based Learning

From graphic design & film making to creative writing and storytelling (and everything in between)

“It has been a privilege for our children to be a part of the initial Upschool program focussing on creating a Changemaking Community.  Our students have been engaged from the outset, and we have seen a measurable improvement in not only their literacy skills but also in their empathy towards others and their understanding of how to connect to communities both locally and abroad. The resources that are provided are outstanding and have kept our students motivated towards their goals. 

It has transformed the way that we approach teaching within the school, giving our students an authentic purpose and opportunity to make a real world difference.

As a school we are committed to the work that Upschool is doing and are looking forward to our next work with them.”
Daniel Frew (Principal, Lower Plenty Primary School, Melbourne)

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Some Common Questions

You probably have lots of questions!

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It’s 100% free – yes. Nothing to pay to be involved.

We have 5 year old children right through to adults participating. It’s differentiated and open to everyone. 

Either. Whole school engagement is the best way to have maximum impact, but it certainly can be done by one class or by one year level. You can even use it as an extension program for a small number of students too if that works for you.

No, not at all. Individuals (adults and children) can go through the course.