Birds of the Arctic

A short course that explores the wonders of Arctic birds and what they bring to the ecosystems of the world.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Goal 14: Life Below Water

Goal 15: Life on Land

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What is in this Course?

During this short course, we want to inspire your children to want to know more about the life of birds. 

As we delve into the study of birds we want children to understand the importance of their existence and what they bring to the ecosystems of the world.

We will begin to understand the crucial role that birds play in the finely balanced ecosystems of the Arctic and the wider world.

Children will discover ways in which they can attract birds into their local community and attempt to find out the breed and more details of the species. One of these initiatives will be to install plants and trees to attract insects and birds in your school area. 

Teaching program

The teaching program is designed to walk teachers through the process of teaching about Arctic birds and the birds in students’ local community. The document is aligned with the curriculum but can be downloaded and edited to suit the needs of your school or state. The course documents include real-world learning opportunities in which students use the knowledge they have just gained, to improve the lives and the knowledge of those around them.

Real World Learning

During this course, your children will get to create amazing resources which they will use to pass on their knowledge. Birds are all over the world but as the climate changes and habitats are removed due to the development of cities, they are becoming scarce. This course involves students studying birds and then trying to attract some to their local community.