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Be the Change!

A project for helping students to “Be the Change” they wish to see in the world.

* This unit is open to anyone across the globe.

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"Be the Change"

This is a self-paced course (all lessons are pre-recorded) so you can start whenever you want and do it at your own pace.

About the Course

This course is heavily aligned with all SDG’s

This 10-week course involves students working collaboratively to create change within their local communities, with an aim to complete 170 actions that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The students will use purpose-based educational activities to create and evaluate change within their community and beyond. All students will be invited to attend the annual World Upschool Conference, held each year around World Children’s Day, with a selected number of participants presenting their work to all global attendees.

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This course is differentiated and open to adults, children, teachers and parents.

All participants submit their work to Upschool and selected groups will be invited by Upschool and the United Nations to present at the annual World Upschool Conference – an incredible event where children share their stories, ideas, and impacts to a global audience, to create a better tomorrow.

This special day involves 17 keynote presentations delivered by groups of amazing children from around the world, who have proven that change starts with us and that little actions within our local community can have a big impact globally.

How will the course work?

The course will last around 10 weeks and the mission is to convince your community that small changes can have a huge impact!

Connection: Students will first discover their place in the world and understand the interconnection and impact of all actions we take.

Creating Change: The children will collaborate to persuade the community to change the way they live to make the world a better place for everyone.

Speak Out: Once the students have begun to see the impact of their work, they will collate their ideas and reflections and present these to the rest of the world to read!

Global Conference: After reviewing all submissions throughout the year, Upschool and the United Nations select 17 that best address the SDG’s. These groups of children present their submissions to a global audience at an incredible livestreamed event. 

The “Dear World” Book: All students that participate in Be the Change submit their thoughts, dreams and vision for what the future should be. These thoughts will be captured in an upcoming publication, ‘Dear World’, that showcases these special perspectives, offering a voice for children to share their feelings with the world and encouraging the change they wish to see.

Extended Course Breakdown

See a week-by-week breakdown of the course in the slideshow below.

Everything we do at Upschool:

Real-World Learning

We take 'real-world' to the next level by designing projects with 'real' outcomes.

Entrepreneurship With Purpose

We want to teach the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to operate with purpose and ethics.

Team Players & Collaborators

Our projects bring children, teachers and communities together to work towards a common goal.

Creativity & Problem Solving

We inspire creative thinking and dynamic problem solving. These are the skills for tomorrow.

Skill Based Learning

From graphic design & film making to creative writing and storytelling (and everything in between)

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Some Common Questions

You probably have lots of questions!

Register for a FREE Upschool account to enrol in this course


It’s 100% free – yes. Nothing to pay to be involved.

We have 5-year-old children right through to adults participating. It’s differentiated and open to everyone! 

Either. Whole school engagement is the best way to have maximum impact, but it certainly can be done by one class or by one year level. You can even use it as an extension program for a small number of students too if that works for you.

No, not at all. Individuals (adults and children) can go through the course.