Women’s Empowerment in Indian Villages (WEIV) operates eight Literacy Centres for illiterate, adolescent, Dalit girls. Through becoming literate, girls gain value and respect in the eyes of their families and community. The Centres are located close to the girls’ homes and the timing does not conflict with the girls’ home and field duties. Without this opportunity, the girls would receive no education at all.

Our vision is to create a society without poverty, illiteracy, sickness, child labour, or gender/social inequality. Our mission is to empower women within the community by making them aware of their basic rights. By providing them with education and health security, we wish to promote gender and social equality and livelihood security.

WEIV works in the field of community development through women’s empowerment. Social empowerment forms an integral component of the programmes delivered by WEIV. Issues relating to Reproductive and Child Health, Literacy, Basic Human Rights, Domestic Violence, Right To Information and Child Rights are addressed. We are working to create a society where women are treated with equality, dignity and respect in Indian villages and we welcome any support on our important mission.



Location: India
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Students are learning basic Hindi and English reading and writing in our Literacy Centres. The centres do not have many...