Support the Supply of Roots & Shoots Resource Boxes for Schools to Improve Educational Quality, Environmental Awareness and to Promote Positive Health Outcomes for Students.

Charity: The Jane Goodall Institute Australia
Location: Australia
Genre: Education
JGIA aims to empower the next generation to be socially and environmentally conscious citizens of our shared planet.

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There is a lack of quality educational resources that give students access to information about our environment. The Roots & Shoots Resource Box is provided to schools for free to enable them to overcome this barrier.


How Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s project addresses this problem:

The Resource Box of educational resources includes four 160-page hardback books plus online lesson plans that support teachers to use the books in classrooms.

Through the raising of funds to support this program, it is expected that more students and teachers will have accessed information about nature and engaged with the subject in a way that gets them also more active in nature. A primary outcome of this project is to develop active children with better mental and physical health, plus better academic results.


The project is ongoing with ambitions to continue to roll out it out every year until at least 2025. The total project costs circa $300K per annum currently, with the opportunity to fund a specific book within the box being approximately $60K per title.

Current funding limits the production to 4,000 boxes. More funding would enable us to reach more schools. Further funding of $100K would enable us to increase the reach of the boxes.

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