Support a Global Pen Pal Program Through JGIA’s ‘Roots & Shoots’ Program

Charity: The Jane Goodall Institute Australia
Location: Australia
Genre: Education
JGIA aims to empower the next generation to be socially and environmentally conscious citizens of our shared planet.

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There is a lack of connection between young people around the world. Through Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots programs in Australia, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Tanzania, there is an opportunity to bridge this disconnect.

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How Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s project addresses this problem:

The Pen Pal Program provides primary, secondary and university students with a chance to connect to young people in other cultures, build friendships, develop literacy and communication skills, plus deepen global engagement.

Through the Pen Pal Program, Roots & Shoots members write bi-monthly letters to one another, sharing around key themes such as: environmental conservation; peace and well being; family and culture; faith and belief; and their dreams for the future.

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We hope the pilot will become a permanent program. Currently the program cost is covered purely by volunteers. Expressed as a cost, if we were covering the volunteer hours as paid staff, we would estimate the program to be costing around $9,000 per annum at the current scale of the project. This fee would rise with the expansion of the program to more countries.

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