Support a Career Pathway for Disadvantaged Students to Gain Work Experience in Environmentally-Focussed Workplaces

Charity: The Jane Goodall Institute Australia
Location: Australia
Genre: Environment
JGIA aims to empower the next generation to be socially and environmentally conscious citizens of our shared planet.

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There is a significant lack of access for disadvantaged students to gain work experience and career pathways in environmentally-focussed (Natural Resource Management) jobs.


How Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s project addresses this problem:

The Embrace the Wild Resource Kit provides 27 projects that, upon completion, provides young people with access to an 8-week training program through TAFE or Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. Once completed, they can apply for a rare internship program through the Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA).

Through the program, it is expected that more students in disadvantaged communities will gain access to career pathways in conservation and other related fields.

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The project is being piloted in NSW, with the ambition being to become a national program operating in all Australian states and territories on an ongoing basis. The estimated national program cost is $1.2M over three years, which includes co-contributions from other funders and JGIA contributions

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