Provide an Emergency Packages for a Child in Crisis

Charity: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
Location: Vietnam
Genre: Crisis Care
Children, sometimes with a family member, sometimes without, come from rural areas to Hanoi in search of work or income. This problem has increased recently with the economic impacts of COVID-19.

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Many rural families have lost off farm income such as working in industrial parks or travelling to China to assist with the harvest.

Unfortunately, these children generally cannot find work, and instead become victims to adults who wish to exploit them in slave labour, for begging, or other forms of exploitation.

Blue Dragon-A child enjoying arts

How Blue Dragon Foundation’s project addresses this problem:

Blue Dragon has an outreach team of social workers who work on the streets of Hanoi each night to find children as quickly as possible before they are exploited. We provide food and essential clothing for them and build trust with the children, sometimes over many months.

When they feel safe, we offer children accommodation in our emergency shelter and provide all necessary food, hygiene products and clothing for their stay until they can be successfully reunited with their families.

Once funds are received, we can ensure that children will be safe and well nourished. Children will be out of danger and off the streets.

This is an ongoing project that will continue until there are no more street children in Hanoi

Blue Dragon-Human trafficking survivors_ healing journey

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