Provide Adequate Sanitation Facilities for 600 Ethnic Minority Children

Charity: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
Location: Vietnam
Genre: Education
Poor sanitation facilities are a contributing factor to children, especially teenage girls, dropping out of school and becoming victims to human traffickers, or other exploitation. 

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Vietnam has a population of almost 100 million people, approximately 15% of whom are from 53 different ethnic minority groups. These groups are significantly disadvantaged; they tend to live in rural, mountainous provinces with poor agricultural land and limited access to government services such as health and education.

These disadvantages make them disproportionately vulnerable to human trafficking. Blue Dragon research indicates that ethnic minority people are three times more likely to be trafficked than the Kinh ethnic majority people.

The government schools in these remote areas have very poor facilities. While the government does have a policy and associated funding to upgrade school facilities and ensure all schools have sufficient classrooms, canteen facilities and toilets – there is insufficient funds to meet the huge needs, particularly as the number of children requiring education continues to increase. 

Blue Dragon - Livelihood support to a poor family

How Blue Dragon Foundation’s project addresses this problem:

Blue Dragon collaborates with the Dept of Education and Training to identify the most needy schools in mountainous provinces, and then to construct toilets and handwashing facilities. We identify schools that are not on the government schedule for funding, and do not have other donors and focus on primary and secondary schools as they have the largest number of children and the highest needs. 


After constructing the toilets we also provide hygiene training for children to ensure that they understand the importance of handwashing and other good hygiene. These children often then also teach their whole families about the importance of hygiene. We also train teachers and maintenance staff in how to clean and maintain the facilities. 

Normally construction takes 3-4 months after receipt of funds. We normally try to do the construction during the school holidays to avoid disruption.

Blue Dragon - Students going to school

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