Provide a Scholarship to a Former Street Child

Charity: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
Location: Vietnam
Genre: Education
Children, sometimes with a family member, sometimes without, come from rural areas to Hanoi in search of work or income. This has increased their risk of exploitation.

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Once street children have been rescued from the street and their basic needs covered, a key issue is ensuring they can return to school to get an education in order to be able to build a better future for themselves and their families. Education and training for children is the most effective way for poor families to escape poverty in a sustainable way. 

Blue Dragon - Students going to school

How Blue Dragon Foundation’s project addresses this problem:

Blue Dragon provides scholarships for children to attend school. The scholarship includes all necessary costs including fees, uniforms, textbooks and stationary, and additional classes for children who have missed significant amounts of school.

Children will return to school and complete their education. This is an ongoing project – we return approximately 100 children to school each year, and support their costs until they complete their education.

Blue Dragon-A child enjoying arts

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