Provide a Grant to Youth Community Projects That Address Problems Facing Animals, People and the Environment

Charity: The Jane Goodall Institute Australia
Location: Australia
Genre: Environment
JGIA aims to empower the next generation to be socially and environmentally conscious citizens of our shared planet.

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Youth community projects aren’t able to access funding to support their initiatives, as they are too small for funding from grant programs and don’t have the organisational legal structures to accept funds.

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How Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s project addresses this problem:

Roots & Shoots Mini Grants provide $250 & $500 grants to projects across Australia that seek to address problems facing animals, people and the wider environment.

After receiving a grant, students must complete their projects within a certain time frame and must submit a report if they wish to be eligible again in the future. The projects vary enormously but go through an assessment process when applications are reviewed.

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The program runs each year, and JGIA currently has around $15,000 as a corpus pledged to support these grants.

All funds are passed through to the program. We take no funds as overhead so therefore it costs JGIA to deliver this program with significant staff time allocated to the program.

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