Provide 30 Water Filters So That 30 Families Can Drink Safe Water

Charity: Free To Shine
Location: Cambodia
Genre: Community Welfare
In rural Cambodia, families don’t have taps. They get their water from a well, a pond or a stream. This is not safe and can make them sick.

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Cambodian’s living in poverty get paid each day they work, so If the parents are sick and can’t work, they don’t get paid. If they don’t get paid, there is not enough money for the family to have dinner.

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How Free To Shine’s project addresses this problem:

Providing 30 water filters to families will mean they can take water from the well, pond or stream and make it safe to drink.

When the water filters are delivered the Education Officers will provide an education session for each family on how the water filter works, how to use it and how to look after it.

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Free To Shine:

  • Promotes safe communities for children through safety visits, social work interventions and community trainings;
  • Supports the education of girls by providing financial and material support and improving their access to basic rights, and;
  • Develops women in leadership by investing in the next generation of Cambodian women through training emerging leaders and funding university degrees.

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