Offshore Eye Program: Screening and Cataract Operation Program

Charity: John Fawcett Foundation
Location: Indonesia
Genre: Health
In Indonesia 2.4 million people are cataract blind. The majority of these are too poor to seek specialist medical treatment and so remain blind.

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The John Fawcett Foundation (JFF) works with people to restore their sight, provide life-changing procedures including cataract correction and prosthetics. Their headquarters are in Bali, Indonesia, and they conduct a range of programs there and on neighbouring islands.


How JFF’s project addresses this problem:

JFF’s team travels to locations throughout Indonesia (offshore from Bali), where they screen people with vision problems, distributing glasses to those who need them, treating eye infections, operating those who are cataract blind.

In a normal offshore eye program 2,000-2,500 people with vision problems are screened, 70% of these receive glasses, 60% are treated for eye infections and 200-300 people identified as cataract blind receive sight-restoring operations.


The offshore eye programs are conducted over 5-7 days (including travel days).

The cost of an offshore program depends on many factors, including the distance of location from our base in Bali, the number of days our team spends there, the number of mobile eye clinics we can take there, and the number of  ophthalmologists who are available to do the operations.


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