Keep 600 Ethnic Minority Children in School

Charity: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
Location: Vietnam
Genre: Education
Blue Dragon's research indicates that ethnic minority people are three times more likely to be trafficked than the Kinh ethnic majority people.

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Vietnam has a population of almost 100 million people, approximately 15% of whom are from 53 different ethnic minority groups. These groups are significantly disadvantaged; they tend to live in rural, mountainous provinces with poor agricultural land and limited access to government services such as health and education.

These disadvantages make them disproportionately vulnerable to human trafficking.

Blue Dragon-Child with disabilities takes care of the garden

How Blue Dragon Foundation’s project addresses this problem:

Keeping children in school is the best way to ensure they are not only safe from human trafficking, but are also getting an education that will enable them to build futures for themselves and their families out of poverty. 

Most ethnic minority children must attend boarding schools far from their homes. The fees to attend such schools are subsidized by the government, however the children need to provide all their own supplies such as blankets, mattresses, fans, etc. Most of the children attending these schools cannot afford to provide these supplies. As a result, many drop out of school and become vulnerable to child trafficking, child labour and child marriage. 

Blue Dragon collaborates with boarding schools in the poorest provinces of the northern mountains to supplies essential supplies for the children, as well as equipment to care for children such as water filters and kitchen supplies. Providing a good and safe environment for these children to learn, and ensuring their health and nutrition is essential to prevent human trafficking and other exploitation, and enable these children to escape poverty and disadvantage.   

There are always schools in need in the two provinces. Depending on the amount and timing of funds, we will work with the Dept of Education to identify the most needy schools that don’t already have a donor, and provide the necessary supplies.

Blue Dragon-Kids having lunch at the center

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