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Location: Australia
Genre: Education
Energy poverty is one of the worst forms of poverty. It is widely unrecognised, yet impacts education, health and wellbeing, the environment, and economic growth. Approximately 789 million people are devastated by energy poverty worldwide. Responsible for more deaths annually than AIDS and malaria combined, it disproportionately affects women and children. Access to electricity is a basic human need.

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SolarBuddy provides school incursions to increase education on energy poverty and UN Sustainable Development Goal #7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), so that today’s children can learn to be change makers.

Children will participate in the assembly of JuniorBuddy lights which will then be gifted to a child living in energy poverty.

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How SolarBuddy’s project addresses this problem:

SolarBuddy is dedicated to educating and empowering future leaders to be skilled in sustainable technologies and versed in equity issues.

Our teacher led STEM-based JuniorBuddy Program teaches students of all ages about extreme energy poverty, renewable technologies, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, global citizenship and how a simple solution can have global impact.

As part of the program, students will assemble solar lights and pen letters that are sent to children without access to electricity.

Teachers will be sent a 6 week program that teachers their students about energy poverty (aligned to the curriculum). As part of this program students will assemble 25 JuniorBuddy lights and write a letter to then be gifted to a child living in energy poverty.

Each light will impact 5 lives, create 7300 extra study hours at night, reduce 1.28 tonnes of C02 emissions which is the equivalent of 21.3 trees planted over 10 years.

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The total cost of each school incursion is $875, which includes all of the resources necessary to assemble the solar light and the logistics to ensure the constructed lights find their way to children and families that are vulnerable to energy poverty.


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