Buy a Motorbike to Help Children Get to School

Charity: Free To Shine
Location: Cambodia
Genre: Community Welfare
In Cambodia, 17.74% of children don’t complete primary school and 54.57% don’t complete grade 9.

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Every month Education Officers visit girls and their families on Free To Shine’s program, to help the girls go to school. Every month, they travel more than 3,000km on their little motor bikes. The motorbikes we have are very old and need lots of repairs, so we need a newer one.


How Free To Shine’s project addresses this problem:

The girls we visit live in many villages, a long way from the city. To get there we need to travel on muddy tracks and through rice fields. We can’t get there in a car, so we need to use our motorbikes. With a new motorbike (used) our Education Officers can safely visit the girls and their families and help them stay in school.

The Education Officers will be able to travel through the muddy tracks and rice fields to safely visit the girls and their families. We will purchase the motorbike within 3 months of receiving funding.


Free To Shine:

  • Promotes safe communities for children through safety visits, social work interventions and community trainings;
  • Supports the education of girls by providing financial and material support and improving their access to basic rights, and;
  • Develops women in leadership by investing in the next generation of Cambodian women through training emerging leaders and funding university degrees.

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