Week 2 - Learning Sequence 2

In this video, we discuss what your children will be doing in week 2 of the “Building a Change Making Community” unit of work.

Week 2 - Building a Change Making Community

During week 2, we are going to be empowering your children to understand that they can make a difference and do something big that changes the lives of people on the other side of the world. 

Key skills your children will be focussing on:

Becoming a Global Citizen, Perspective, Empathy, and Communication.

Richard Mills & Gavin McCormack

Real World Learning

We take 'real-world' to the next level by designing projects with 'real' outcomes.

Entrepreneurship with Purpose

We want to teach the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to operate with purpose and ethics.

Creativty & Problem Solving

We inspire creative thinking and dynamic problem solving. These are the skills for tomorrow.

Team Work

Our projects bring children, teachers and communities together to work towards a common goal.