Donate Your Old Books & Help a Community in Need

Who is Offering This Project:
Challenge Open to People: Globally
Challenge Is Open: Indefinitely

Send your books to:
Freehance Creative Media Private Limited
No.412 , Kammanahalli Main Road,
(Next to Tanishq Jewellery)
Kalyan Nagar – Bangalore – 560043
Mobile no. 73496 92001

Canva Poster Template Link (to modify, print and place around your school or community):

What happens when your books arrive?
When your books arrive in the community, we will carefully unpack them and place them inside the library. The children in the community will start learning from these books from the very moment that the library doors are opened.

We will make sure that you get some photos and video of your books being used to improve the lives of others. On top of that, we will send you a thank you certificate as a token of your effort to help make the world a better place.

Download Below Infographic 

SDGs This Project Will be Working On: 

Brief Description of Challenge:

At Upschool, we have a course called ‘Build a Library to Change the World’. This course teaches participating students the entrepreneurial skills required to raise enough funds to build a library for a school community whom we have identified to not have sufficient educational resources. These schools are located in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

We need you to help fill these libraries with books.

Instructions for getting involved:

Step 1: Do a call out to your community and ask them to gather any children’s books they no longer read.
Step 2: Collect those books at your school or home.
Step 3: Check the condition of the books and make sure they are ok.
Step 4: Put them in a box and get a quote for shipping to the Upschool office in India (address listed above).
Step 5: Run a fundraiser or find a sponsor to cover the cost of shipping.
Step 6: Send the books to the address listed above – and email the tracking number to us ( so we can look out for them. 

Some of the Communities Who Will Benefit: