Create Your Personal Quote Card and Feature in the Upschool 'Voice of a Generation' Gallery!

Who is Offering This Project:
Challenge Open to People: Globally
Challenge Is Open: Indefinitely

Brief Description of Challenge:

At Upschool, we believe every child has a unique voice and perspective to share with the world. This challenge invites you to create a personalised quote card featuring your own image or avatar, coupled with an original quote that you want the world to hear. Your creation will be a powerful expression of your thoughts and a testament to your creativity.

SDGs This Project Will be Working On: 

Step 1: Create Your Own Unique Quote

Use the quote generator task card by clicking the button below. Follow the example and the prompts to consider the key message you want to convey to the world. Once completed, you are ready to proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Design Your Quote Card

Get Your Image Ready: Use a photo of yourself or create an avatar in Canva. Remember, you will also need permission from a teacher or parent to use your own image.

Use Canva’s Background Remover: Upload your image to Canva and use the background remover feature in the editing tools to isolate your image. You can find this feature in the ‘edit phot’ section of the Canva platform.

Design Your Quote Card: Combine your image, quote, and choose a background and border from our template to create a captivating quote card.

Step 3 - Submission and Approval

Submit your quote card using our specialized form below by clicking the ‘Upload’ button. Once approved, it will be featured on the Upschool page ‘The Voice of a Generation’, joining a vibrant gallery of quotes from children around the world.

Important Rules:

  1. Ensure that the image and quote are appropriate for all ages.
  2. Get the necessary permissions for using personal images.
  3. The quote card should be a reflection of your personal thoughts and creativity.


All approved quote cards will be displayed in the Upschool ‘Voice of a Generation’ online gallery for the whole world to see.

Share your quote card with friends and family and inspire others with your words.

Join this Exciting Challenge!

Create a quote card that expresses your unique perspective and be a part of a global gallery showcasing the voices of the future.

Let’s inspire and be inspired!