Leave a Legacy with an

Impact Film

Upschool Films is actively seeking stories that will inspire children, globally, to build a better tomorrow.

What story do you have that needs to be told to the world?

Are you a school or a business that is having success in solving an important community or global problem?

Have you done something that you are proud of that has made our world a better place?

Apply to have Upschool Films visit your school or business, tell your story, and inspire students, teachers and parents across the world. 

Impact Film Case Study: Delhi Public School

By a bustling expressway in the middle of India stands a school that swelters in the hot sun. The students, who are presently undertaking Upschool’s online course, Be the Change were inspired to take possession of an unused, barren plot of land and are in the process of transforming it into a flourishing forest to provide shade, improved air and soil quality, and to house local wildlife.

We were invited into their school with our film crew to learn more about it.

Client Name: Delhi Public School, India
Client Brief: To showcase the forest planting initiative led by students at the school
Upschool Films’ Team: Gavin McCormack (Narrator & Presenter), Richard Mills (Director) Isaac James (Cinematographer & Editor)

Why Apply for an Impact Film?

There are many benefits to having Upschool Films visit your school or business to create an impact film.

Global Reach

With users from 148 countries, the impact of your story will be seen in classrooms far and wide, forever.

Inspire the World

Your story has the potential to light a path for others to follow and create impact in ways you may never have imagined.

A Unique Marketing Piece

Everyone is always talking to their customers about 'features and benefits'. An Impact Film will help your brand stand out.

Brand Positioning

Position yourself as an organisation that does good and that contributes to the betterment of humanity, through education.

Celebrate Your Achivements

Your entire community has done something great. Capture this story and recognise the achievement - for all to enjoy and celebrate.

Leave a Legacy

Your achievements will eventually disappear into a distant memory. But an impact film will live on and do good in the world, forever.

Impact Film Case Study: Aurora Expeditions

Enrichment, education, deepening connections to the remote regions they visit, and creating ambassadors for the protection of the environment is of huge importance to Aurora Expeditions, and partnering with Upschool to create a series of Impact Films and educational content for our global audience is one of many actions Aurora is taking as part of their far-reaching Sustainability in Action Plan.

Children viewing these films will be encouraged to make a plan to change the way in which their community lives, to help contribute to positive environmental change.

“We are proud to be partnering with Upschool on this incredible project that will help to raise awareness of the pivotal importance of the Arctic to the health of our planet” – Michael Heath (CEO, Aurora Expeditions).

Client Name: Aurora Expeditions
Client Brief: Create a film series that helps children and communities deepen their connections to remote wildernesses and encourages and inspires them to make positive environmental choices.
Upschool Films’ Team: Gavin McCormack (Narrator & Presenter), Richard Mills (Director & Cinematographer), Isaac James (Editor), Graeme Myburgh (Photographer), Tanya Natalie (Writer)

Note: The film below is the trailer for the film series and course we created in partnership with Aurora Expeditions.

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